Time for some Mitten Knittin’!


AdoreKnit Monday

Previously we brought you the sweater bags which we all loved.  Now we’re happy to share these mitten project bags. 

Time for some Mitten Knittin’!

We’re got our first major snow event of the winter this past weekend.  Seacoast New Hampshire got about 7" of the fluffy stuff!  We say bring on the winter accessory knitting with the new Mitten Knittin’ Collection.  Check out the expanded winter knitting assortment.  We have a few of the Snow Day bags remaining if you missed these joyous little winter bags. 

We’re changing things up a bit.   Taking a different approach in how we release stitch marker sets.  Decision Paralysis or Choice Overload are a real thing!  Steph, being a bit of a people pleaser, wants to have every option that everyone could possibly want available At ALL Times!   But we’re starting to feel like that’s too much for customers to sift through. 

We’re going to take a page from the DVD playbook and rotate our offerings.  Items will be available until they sell out or for three months, then we’re going to switch send them to hibernate while other marker sets get their turn to shine.  We will still have our fan favorites available year round.  We wanted to share this new approach so you all would be aware when we start taking about items “arriving” and “hibernating”.

Valentine’s Day and Easter favorites have returned to the shop while Fall and Thanksgiving offerings have given way. Christmas will be around for another couple weeks and then they will no longer be available until fall of 2024. 

Returning Favorite Valentine & Easter Stitch Markers

This is the first of two Valentine’s Day updates.  Two new marker sets this week.  

Next update will include a Valentine’s Day Gnomie Project Bag and matching marker set.  Have you noticed we’re offering more coordinating project bags and marker sets?  It’s intentional!  We typically offer matching bags and notions for our Clubs and two yearly knit-a-longs.  But there’s no reason we can’t do that more in our regular shop offerings.  Custom fabric and charms take a bit more planning but we love a good match! 
Have an excellent week filled with happy knitting projects,
💝Steph & Steve

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