Become a Knitting Icon!

Do you want to be a Knitting Icon?  You can with the AdoreKnit Reward Program! 

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our AdoreKnit Rewards! We've added lots of exciting and exclusive rewards to say thank you to our amazing customers, like you! Earn points that you redeem for rewards and increase your membership status going from a Knitter with a capital K, to a Master Knitter and eventually becoming a Knitting Icon.  

Earn 200 Points for every $50 you spend unlocking exclusive rewards like Gift Certificates, bonus markers, order discounts, free shipping for life, and much more!  Earn reward points in lots of ways besides purchases, like sharing on Instagram or writing a product review.

Earn Points by...                                                          Points earned                  

Become a Rewards Member
Subscribe to our Newsletter
Follow us on Instagram
Enter your Birthday Month
Write a product review with a photo
Write a product review
 Earn 1 point for every $1 spent
Spend $50 and receive 150 bonus points
50 + 150 = 200
Purchase a Marker of the Month Club for bonus points


Redeem Points for rewards...                         Reward                                      

500 Points
$10 Gift Card
700 Points
 Free Shipping on an order
800 Points
$20 Gift Card

While you are earning points you can raise to our VIP Knitting Icon status.  Redeeming points doesn't effect your status. At each levels you'll receive these rewards and those listed on the prior levels.

Knitter with a capital K

Master Knitter

Knitting Icon


$5 Gift Card
$10 Gift Card
$20 Gift Card
25% off your next order
30% off your next order
Earn points 20% faster!
Free US Shipping on next order
Lifetime Free Shipping to US on orders over $25
Lifetime 10% discount off everything!
Lifetime Free shipping to Canada on orders over $75

 Plus other bonuses as we go through the year! 

If you're wondering about points from past purchases, you made before we launched the program, don't worry!  Once you sign up, we'll assign your points for all past purchases made on the website since February 2023.

Just click the little "Rewards" icon on the bottom right corner of the website to get started earning those points!! 

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