Introducing Wreaths by Adore Wreaths!

Introducing Wreaths by Adore Wreaths!

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We have some non-knitting related news to share with you all.  Hopefully you won’t mind the interruption.  First, a little background.

AdoreKnit started as a stitch marker experiment.  I (Steph) wanted to make some markers to accompany my current WIP.  Then I discovered my love of beads and jewelry making and the shop was born.  A few months later I asked my mother (Terry) to sew some project bags for me with some leftover fabric I had from making pillowcases for the boys when they were toddlers.  Disney Planes and Avengers fabric 😊

Those first few were… “interesting” but we learned and adapted, upgraded sewing machines and now sewing project bags is something we enjoy doing together a couple mornings a week.  My mother has always had an excellent eye for color and decorating.  During her retirement she decided to take up another creative outlet besides sewing and occasionally quilting.  She’s gone into the world of wreath making.  You all know how obsessed we can get about our knitting, well she’s that level of wreath maker.  Wreath Maker with a capital W. M..  I couldn’t be prouder of her work or more delighted with the wreaths that she’s made for my front door, my back door, her front door, my aunt’s and cousin’s front doors, etc. 

Mum (Terry) has come to a point where every prolific artist comes to, more creations than space but still wanting to create more.  She’s decided to share her beautiful wreaths with the world.  Announcing

Wreaths by Adore Wreaths!

From this Facebook page Terry is offering both ready-to-ship and custom wreaths.  Holiday and non-holiday wreaths are available, and she’ll ship anywhere in the US!  She wanted to start with Valentine’s Day but there are many more options available.  The only limitation is how quickly she can post on Facebook.  Give the page a follow to learn more.  If you see something you’d like, please message Terry through Facebook.  She’s sweet, chatty and happy to discuss options. 

It's Steph and Terry’s vision to possibly make wreaths to match the big yearly knit-a-longs that AdoreKnit sponsors.  Can you imagine matching your project bag to the wreath on the wall?  “No I didn’t leave my knitting laying about, It’s an accent pillow that matches the wreath!” 😊

Thank you for visiting Wreaths by Adore Wreaths.  We will be back with our regularly scheduled newsletter including a Knitting Chicken and Yarn Chicken collection as well as a Dune inspired collection. 

Have an excellent day!

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