AdoreKnit Project Bag Sizes

I know a lot of you have been with us since 2017 and have
watched the evolution of our little business.  But for those who are less familiar with us, how about a little explanation of our project bags?

We try to name the bag sizes with little hints as to the size of the bag so that it’s easy for us to remember what size we’re talking about. We have three main bag sizes. Well, we have three bag sizes if you exclude the totes, baskets, and notion’s pouches.

The three main bag sizes are what we make the most of and they are what you think of what you think of a traditional knitting bag.

The middle size is The Equator, like the middle of the Earth. This is by far our most popular bag size. It will easily hold a 3-skein project like a shawl or the start of a sweater for an adult or a child size sweater.

Our largest bag is THE EVEREST size, big like the mountain. This is ideal for a sweater or a blanket project. It will easily hold an 8-skein project!

And last and least of our bags, is The Day-to-Day size. Everyday is a sock knitting day in this house! Hence the name Day-to-Day. This is ideal for a 1-skein project. Cute, and nearly square it’s just the most adorable of our bags.

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